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03. Mad Envelope (1955-56)

03. Mad Envelope (1955-56)

"I was always the neighborhood cartoonist-clown. I used to do comic strips in the street in the Bronx... draw with chalk on the street. I had this community in chalk. Every day the kids would come around to see what was the latest. That was my first comic strip, called "Ikey and Mikey." So what I'm trying to say is I'm a natural-born cartoonist. I was the school cartoonist and the class cartoonist."

-Harvey Kurtzman, Rogue Magazine, Dec 1965

"Kurtzman? 'He is to comic book art what Jackson Pollack is to spatter painting,' said Look. One critic credited him with inventing 'the Muck School' of art and another cited Mad's 'hyperventilated maverick goofiness' during Harv's reign."
-Gene Sculatti, The Catalog Of Cool, 1982

"Mad not only became the hot read in the homerooms and frat houses of its day, but it changed how America laughed: You can draw a straight line from ''Melvin of the Apes'' (Mad,#6) to such disparate phenomena as the Yippies, Saturday Night Live, Airplane!, and Woody Allen."

-Ty Burr, Entertainment Weekly, 1993

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