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04. X Letterhead (1956)

04. X Letterhead (1956)

"Professionally, I was completely unhappy. I was feeling pretty low. Hefner was in town - this was early in his own career, too - and we went out to lunch together. I was very impressed with him. He came on with all that gusto and optimism he was putting into his own book, and we just talked back and forth. His high opinion of my work did much for my ego at that lunch, and put me into just the right mood to go ask my publisher for a substantial piece of the magazine as an alternative to my leaving. I didn't want a piece of the profits so much as I wanted voting stock... a controlling interest in shaping the property. Well, predictably, he refused. And I quit."

-Harvey Kurtzman, Rogue Magazine, Dec 1965

"When Kurtzman left MAD, it was just a terrible moment, Terry Gilliam, then a Los Angeles high school student, recalled in an interview for the Elder book. And I just hated Bill Gaines. Gaines was like a monster, and Feldstein a traitor! I thought this was disgusting and just stopped reading MAD after Harvey left."

-Richard Corliss, Time, May 2004

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