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10. Trump #1: Cover Art, Pt. 2 (Jan 1957)

10. Trump #1: Cover Art, Pt. 2 (Jan 1957)

"We tried to do a magazine with a professional look. We did layouts, we used an art director. We'd never had an art director. We had a good-looking magazine. It looked like a magazine, not a kid book. Mad was still a kid book and still is, but with Trump we were trying to do something adult. We were using coated stock and four-color process. We had - well, look at the magazine!"

-Harvey Kurtzman, The Comics Journal, 1981

"Trump must have been like a golden dream, flying into the slick world on Hugh Hefner's magic carpet, and no great surprise at the abrupt awakening."
-R. Fiore, The Comics Journal, 2006

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