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47. Help! Letterhead (ca. 1960)

47. Help! Letterhead (ca. 1960)

"Every one of the publishers I've worked with - starting with Mad - had to be willing to go out on a limb. They're all unusual in that respect. They're not run-of-the-mill, and they were all fairly adventurous. Bill Gaines at Mad, Jim Warren of Help!, Hefner...they're all unusual guys."

-Harvey Kurtzman, Rogue Magazine, Dec 1965

"Jim had hung around the office when we were doing Humbug. He was a "kid" when I first met him and he had some kind of genius where he started this monster magazine with Forry Ackerman doing all the work out on the West Coast. Jim used to sell this mail-order merchandise in the back of his magazine. He started at a very young age with a lot of chutzpah. He was always this wheeler-dealer, what-makes-Sammy-run kid. So when my career went on the rocks after Humbug, there was Jim Warren."
-Harvey Kurtzman, The Comics Journal, 1981

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