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11. Trump #2: Cover Art (Mar 1957)

11. Trump #2: Cover Art (Mar 1957)

"We used a lot of gag-cartoon guys, people like Arnold Roth, Phil Interlandi, Bob Blechman, as well as Ed Fisher. One of the reasons I hated to quit Trump was because of all the marvelous things we were going to do and never got to do. Two issues later, Trump came to an end."

-Harvey Kurtzman, The Comics Journal, 1981

"Hefner was going through a period of heady expansion, as he should have, and he, as many businessmen, depended on loans to expand, and at the time he was operating on bank loans. You don't have the cash in your pocket, but you assume you're going to make on the basis of the bank loan you expand. And Hefner was expanding as fast as he could; he was really expanding recklessly. He expanded his advertising and editorial departments, and started Trump. And then Collier's folded. And the bank suddenly decided magazines were a risky investment. Hefner was then faced with a serious crisis. He had to cut back in every department. He cut Trump out; that was the easiest expendable to cut. He cut everybody's salaries at Playboy drastically, like in half for the top executives, and he cut back his advertising staff. And that's what happened, as I understand it."
-Harvey Kurtzman, A Talk With Harvey Kurtzman, 1965

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