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44. Esquire: "Vienna: Three Views" Overview (Jun 1960)

44. Esquire: "Vienna: Three Views" Overview (Jun 1960)

Redo Art (Final) SOLD!

"After Humbug, which folded toward the end of '58, I got a lot of freelance work - did all kinds of odds and ends. Worked for Esquire, Madison Avenue Magazine, Pageant... Esquire sent me out on some great assignments. I had some good times when Harold Hayes would send me to Ireland or Vienna to cover various movies."

-Harvey Kurtzman, Rogue Magazine, Dec 1965

"I also did some crazy movie preview articles for a magazine called Esquire. They would send me to the set of a movie and I would watch it being filmed. Then I would write and draw a picture story about the making of the movie. But instead of talking about the film, I would tell funny stories about things that happened on the set, behind the cameras, that weren't part of the movie. I'd report on what the stars ate, or what they had to say about each other, or what they wore and how they looked. And I would illustrate these articles with really funny caricatures of the stars. Even though I didn't do more than three of these articles, I had a lot of fun."

-Harvey Kurtzman, My Life As A Cartoonist, 1988

Song Without End: The Story of Franz Liszt (Aug 1960)
Columbia Pictures
Producer: William Goetz
Director: Charles Vidor
Featuring: Dirk Bogarde, Capucine

"In William Goetz's Song Without End, the story of Franz Liszt, we again find ourselves looking on the same historic scene, but with slight improvements. The fun-loving Viennese are more colorful (Technicolor). Liszt has better features (Dirk Bogarde), more style (Presley coiffure). The Princess has less kookiness (no cigar), more class (Capucine), more box office (France's leading mannequin). However, the few miles of Vienna shown here--these and many others--are absolutely and unavoidably and intentionally real."

-Harvey Kurtzman

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